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Mavshot Nerf Blaster

· One min read
Jess Zarchi

Mavshot was one of my first successful projects that I built when I was 11. This is a Nerf Longshot body with a Nerf Maverick attached underneath.

I cut parts of the Longshot off with a Dremel and the handle off of the Maverick to join the two. They are put together with hot glue, where a PVC pipe painted silver covers the seam.

I removed the air restrictors from the chambers of both blasters with a flathead screwdriver and a hammer. The spring in the maverick was made stronger with a Home Depot spring. I had to shave a portion of the pullback on the Maverick so a magazine would fit inside the longshot.

Once functional modifications were done, I sanded the parts heavily to remove the factory paint and put a base coat of black on. I brushed on red and silver enamel paint for detailing.

The guiding force of YouTube and multiple blasters I made nonfunctional were the driving forces for me to finally get a blaster that had everything 6th grade me wanted.