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Harvard-Westlake- BLZ-i

· One min read
Jess Zarchi

Inspired by the 118 Everybot, Harvard-Westlake wanted to make simple, competitive designs for the VEX Robotics Competition Spin-Up.

Harvard-Westlake hosted three one-week long summer camps where ~12 students would come for a one-week intensive of robotics where we wanted to condense an entire season into one week. We split students into 4 groups and had each group assemble BLZ-i. The goal of the summer camp is to teach students the importance of build quality and how it leads to consistency and longevity in every part of a robot.

During this one-week intensive, students learned build quality, and the importance of squaring drives, and had a full day and a half of tournaments where over 20 matches were run. Students learned to maintain their robots as screws would come loose and learned to iterate flaws in the design in an attempt to make it more consistent.

My role in the summer camp was to mentor students in build quality, maintaining and iterating the example robots to be more consistent and easier to assemble, and assisting anywhere I could in students taking the lead on software that becomes public for the forum post.